August 2020

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  • 3d printing vs cnc machining china

    Will 3D printing replace CNC machining

    The answer is 3D printing will not replace CNC machining in the foreseeable future. The reason is they actually have different purposes which complement each other. 3D PRINTING 3D printing is a form of add-on or additive manufacturing. It makes use of parts being produced layer by layer with substances such as plastic or metal […]

  • 3d printing vs injection molding china

    Will 3D printing Replace Injection Molding

    While 3D printing and Injection molding share some of the same concepts, however, there are some differences too. 3D printing is more of an additive process. Injection molding, hence the name, makes use of molds. As 3D printing continues to develop and advance, people are wondering will this replace injection molding? The answer is yes […]