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Welcome to our Custom Aluminum Parts Manufacturing Factory in China, where we specialize in producing high-quality and precise aluminum parts for a wide range of industries. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery, allowing us to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

As a leading aluminum parts manufacturer, we are committed to delivering exceptional service, quality products, and competitive pricing. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers are experts in the field and have years of experience in manufacturing precision components for a variety of applications. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and provide them with tailor-made solutions that meet their needs.

At our factory, we use the latest manufacturing techniques and adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards. Our products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure that they are of the highest quality and can withstand the demands of even the most challenging applications.

Whether you are looking for customized aluminum parts for aerospace, automotive, medical, or any other industry, our factory has the expertise and resources to meet your needs. We take pride in delivering superior quality products, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery, making us the go-to partner for all your aluminum parts manufacturing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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About Artmachining

Why Us For Custom Aluminum Parts Manufacturing?

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Artmachining is a dynamic enterprise that has been established to deliver superlative custom CNC aluminum machining parts, comprising an extensive array of diverse products and services. Our comprehensive offerings encompass aluminum CNC services, laser cutting, prototypes, as well as tool and die casting, injection molding, and more. We pride ourselves on offering premium-grade solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements, powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of experts with unwavering dedication to quality. Trust us to be your trusted partner in delivering the finest Aluminum CNC milling services, and unlock limitless possibilities for your business.

ArtMachining is home to a highly skilled team of exceptional professionals, who work together cohesively and innovatively to deliver the best aluminum CNC milling services industry. Since our formation in 2011, we have consistently set new milestones and achieved industry zeniths through our commitment to providing diverse, excellent services. When it comes to unique, custom aluminum parts, ArtMachining is your ultimate destination. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence. We offer worldwide delivery including USA, UK, Europe, Russia; to any country as well, within the shortest time possible.

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Properties of Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that is silver in color, non-magnetic, lightweight, and can be molded into any desired shape with the right procedures.

The versatility of aluminum is so extensive that it can be used to make armored tanks with thick plates of aluminum, wrappers made of thin aluminum foils, aluminum cans, and thin aluminum wires. In other words, aluminum is highly malleable and ductile.

The strength of pure aluminum is limited, and it is found to be very soft in its original state. The addition of small amounts of other metals such as copper, zinc, or magnesium to aluminum is done to increase its strength. Aluminum is abundantly available in the earth’s crust and is only third in availability after oxygen gas and silicon. It is also a relatively new metal that has been used in industries and produced on a commercial scale for a little over 100 years.

Common Aluminum Alloys

Alloys are hybrids of two or more different types of metal that are created by adding all the involved elements in particular ratios to one another. This process provides heightened qualities such as resistance or strength to the main metal. Aluminum has a number of different alloys available. As previously stated, pure aluminum is extremely soft and requires the addition of alloys to compensate for its shortcomings.

Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 6061 is a highly popular alloy of aluminum that boasts exceptional mechanical properties and is easily weldable. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including machining. It is commonly used in the construction of aircraft fuselages and wings, utility boats, yachts, bicycle frames, and more popular choices.

Aluminum 6063

This alloy of aluminum is also credited with above-average mechanical properties and can be easily welded. However, proper heat treatment is required near the welds to eliminate the chances of its strength diminishing. This type of alloy is used for the construction of extruded shapes seen in architecture, such as frames of doors and windows, tubes, pipes, and furniture.

Aluminum 7075

Aluminum 7075 alloy is a high-strength material commonly used in aerospace and aviation applications due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It is also used in the manufacture of high-stress components such as gears, fittings, and structural parts. Its high hardness and resistance to wear make it suitable for tooling and mold-making.

Aluminum 5052

Aluminum 5052 is another widely used alloy of aluminum that is particularly suited for sheet metal production. This alloy can be easily punched, bent, and sheared, and has a high resistance to corrosion, especially from ocean water. It is commonly used in the construction of marine and air vehicle equipment, street lamps, fuel lines, household appliances, railings, and flooring panels.

Applications and Advantages of Aluminum Parts

Aluminum is a metal with numerous applications and advantages, which is why it’s a popular material for constructing custom aluminum machined parts. Below are some of the applications and advantages of aluminum.

Owing to its lightweight, strength, and malleability, aluminum is the perfect choice for creating transport vehicles, and it finds applications in a variety of automobiles, marine vessels, and aircraft. Its low weight is also why it’s used in fuel-efficient engines.

Aluminum is a metal that is resistant to corrosion and has shock-absorbing capabilities. Therefore, it is a perfect material to be used for construction purposes, facilitating low maintenance and safety from earthquakes.

Being a great conductor of heat and also non-poisonous, aluminum is the perfect material to be used for the production of foils for packaging or utensils for cooking.

Lightweight and high resistance to fatigue are some of the reasons that make aluminum the perfect choice for being used in aircraft and aircraft components.

High levels of ductility make aluminum perfect for being shaped into electric wires. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity, which is why it is used in many high voltage distribution lines and overhead transmissions over long distances.

Aluminum Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting of aluminum is a cost-effective and quick way of creating the desired 2D shapes out of aluminum for your specific engineering needs. You can get the best custom machine parts with the help of a high-density beam of light that is guided by a computer and used to create the desired shapes by vaporizing the path that has been set to be cut to meet your specifications. The light beam exits from a small nozzle and cuts the aluminum into your desired shape by striking it.

We at ArtMachining are adeptly equipped to handle your CNC aluminum laser cutting needs and provide you with the best custom parts for your machines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Owing to it being light in weight, strong and malleable, aluminum is the perfect choice for the creation of transport vehicles and finds its application in the creation of a variety of automobiles, marine and air vehicles. It is also for its low weight that it is used in engines that are fuel-efficient.

The turnaround time for a custom aluminum part manufacturing project varies depending on the complexity and size of the project. Typically, we can complete most projects within 2-4 weeks from the time of order placement. However, we will provide you with an accurate lead time once we have reviewed your specific requirements and project scope.

Our quality control process involves a comprehensive inspection of every aluminum machining part before delivery. We use a range of advanced inspection tools and techniques to ensure that every product meets the required quality standards. This includes using micrometers, gauges, CMMs, and other testing equipment to verify the dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and material properties of each part.

You can request a quote for a custom aluminum part project by submitting a request via our website’s contact form. Please provide us with as much information as possible about your project, including part specifications, quantities, and delivery requirements. Once we receive your request, we will provide you with a detailed quote within 24-48 hours.

We use state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, including 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machines, to produce high-precision aluminum parts with tight tolerances. Our team of skilled machinists has extensive experience in programming and operating these machines to ensure that every part is produced to the highest quality standards.

Yes, we offer a range of additional services, including laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, prototyping, and tool and die casting. We are a full-service machining and fabrication facility, and our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services to meet all their manufacturing needs.

Outsourcing custom aluminum parts manufacturing to China offers several advantages, including lower production costs, access to advanced manufacturing technology, and a large pool of skilled labor. At ArtMachining, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services at competitive prices.

Yes, we can provide samples of previous aluminum machining projects we have completed. We understand the importance of seeing and handling actual samples to evaluate our quality standards, and we are happy to provide samples upon request.

We work with a wide range of aluminum materials, including 6061-T6, 7075-T6, 5052-H32, and 2024-T3. We also work with other aluminum alloys and can help you select the best material for your specific application.

We take confidentiality and protection of intellectual property very seriously. We sign non-disclosure agreements with our customers to ensure that all confidential information and intellectual property is protected. We also have strict security measures in place to ensure that all customer data is kept safe and secure.