CNC Milling Services

  • What is CNC Milling?

    Custom CNC milling refers to the machining process of instantly detracting materials from raw stocks until the desired shape is done. CNC milling services are done by round cutters or most commonly known as endmills, which chip away materials in a lateral way with would narrow pits of cut.

    Most details such as spindle speed, tooling, depth of cut, and cutter type are handled at machine shops. However, there are also other things that you can do as you design your products not only to ensure they can be made but also to make lean products that do not break your budget.

  • CNC Milling Services

T-artisan offers precision CNC Milling services for multiple industries and wide reaching applications

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    +/- 0.005” TOLERANCE
    This Is Typical tolerance, but can vary due to size & type of material.

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    Project management experience for die or mold sets, from start to completion.

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    Thread or mill any metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and more

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    With the right speed & feed, we can CNC mill an 8 RMS surface finish.

Here are a few of the best practices and tips in CNC Machining:

Avoid Sharp Internal Corners

Since milling is usually done using round tools, you cannot achieve sharp internal corners. It is required to have radiused corners that are larger than the cutter that you will use. For example, you can use a ¼” cutter for fillets that are larger than 1/8”.

Avoid Narrow, Deep Slots

The final depths of cut of a round cutter or endmill should not be more than 5 times the diameter for steel, 10 times the diameter for aluminum, and 15 times the diameter for plastics. The reason for this is that long tools have the tendency to vibrate and deflect which result in a bad surface finish.
For instance, there is a slot for machined steel part which is .55” wide (t be cut with a .5” endmill) should not be deeper than 2.75”. The above point of the internal fillet radius is reliant on this. This means that any internal radius for this should be higher than .25.”

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    CNC Milling Metal Parts

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    CNC Milling Plastic Parts

Rapid turnaround times and competitive pricing for short to long run production volume are our specialty

With our CNC machining service, we understand that each project is unique and has specific needs, whether you’re looking to produce custom prototypes or manufacture precision parts in volume.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on your CNC milling Parts Project! Get a quote within 24h and We Are CNC precision milling direct from China with wholesale prices

Aluminum CNC Milling Service

We has cnc milling aluminum parts for over 10 years

We offer a wide range of aluminum material options including aluminum 2024,6063,6061,5052,7075

Our Machine in high speed, 4-axis aluminium milling service gives us the ability to machine your aluminum milling parts at much faster speeds and with higher accuracy.

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