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Welcome to artmachining injection molding. We based in China focus on producing high quality plastic injection molded parts and molds, our engineers can provide free design analysis DFM

Through advanced quality and material verification processes, we can ensure that your tools and parts exceed your expectations
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Mold Manufacturing

We can quickly convert your 3D file into high-quality injection molds. We have in house molds manufacturing Our mold machining runs 24/7 to shorten delivery time, and we also provide plastic injection molds for various customers around the world.
If you only want to order molds in China, we can manufacture the molds according to your machine specifications and ship molds to you!

Plastic injection molding

We can handle plastic injection molding for low volume and batch parts production. The parts are used in defense, automotive, medical, aviation and consumer products industries
we are your reliable partner for plastic molding services in China. Our injection molding manufacturing capabilities with high-speed machines which clamping forces ranging from 50 tons to 1000 tons it allow us to produce almost any plastic parts, including micro parts, thin-walled parts as low as 0.3mm and Large parts.
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Insert molding

This allows inserts such as propellers to be molded into your design.
We can use our CNC machining services to produce customized metal and plastic inserts to integrate them into parts

Over molding

This allows multi-material injection molding. Through Over molding, one material (usually a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE / TPV)) is molded onto a second material, which is usually a rigid plastic
Consider your toothbrush handle, where the individual parts have both rigid and rubber-like parts. This is a good way to improve the performance and appearance of plastic parts
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Except for a few thermoplastics, almost all thermoplastics can be used to produce plastic injection molding. The following are some commonly used materials:
ABS, PC / ABS, nylon 6/6, PEI (Ultem), PET, polyethylene PE, high density polyethylene HDPE Polypropylene pp, TPE, acrylic PMMA

Surface treatment:

Injection molded parts usually do not require surface finishing but the mold itself can be finished to affect the surface finish.
This can meet aesthetic needs or technical requirements

Tolerance and accuracy of injection molding

The tolerance depends on the material, filler, machining, geometry, etc. It is always recommended that you determine the key dimensions and provide them at the quotation stage. All plastic materials will expand and contract under the influence of heat and moisture. Possible tolerances are ± 0.200 to ± 0.500 mm,
We will work closely with you to optimize your manufacturing design. We will point out any areas where poor design may generate thermal stress, shrinkage, warpage, etc. Unless otherwise stated, we use DIN 16742 standard tolerances

What is plastic injection molding

The molten resin is injected into the cavity of the metal mold under high pressure, and then quickly cooled to form a solid shape. Depending on the complexity and size of the part, a single cycle to complete the part may take a few seconds to a few minutes

Injection molding is the most cost-effective method for mass production of plastic parts, and provides consistent quality for production from small to large batches. Compared with CNC machining and even 3D printing, molding also has the most materials, colors and configurations. In addition to materials, injection molded parts can also have customized cosmetics, polishes or surface textures

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Plastic injection molding applications

Injection molding is widely used to produce thin-walled plastic parts. Various products are manufactured by injection molding, and their size, complexity and application are very different.
Injection molding is used to manufacture many things, the most common is plastic case. These housings are used in a variety of products, including household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, and as a car dashboard. Others include computer components, containers, bottle caps, car interiors, lenses, brackets, fasteners, top and bottom covers, toys
Injection molding is also used in medical equipment, mechanical parts (including gears) and most other plastic products today. When you want to make a large number of the same objects from plastic, injection molding may be the ideal choice.

Why choose artmachining for injection molding

Free design analysis

All injection molding quotes include a free design for manufacturability analysis (DFM), which will find any problems, such as thin walls, undercuts, and insufficient glue. need help?
Our experienced application engineering team can provide free design reviews and can discuss cost trade-offs.

No minimum order quantity (MOQ)

From small batch production to transitional molds, no Minimum quantity requirements, which reduces inventory costs and storage costs.

Quality report

We provide quality inspection reports such as molding process development reports, material arrival / RoHS documentation, first article inspection (FAI) and production part approval process (PPAP).

Other trimming options

You can also choose auxiliary operations such as custom colorants, pad printing, laser engraving, Mold-Tech trimming, basic assembly, ultrasonic welding and thermal welding

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We have different engineers Including design, manufacturing, quality control and sales, all are skilled and professional with plastic mold standards and injection molding.

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