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With the progress of the world and new technological advances making leaps and bounds, the requirement for custom machined parts is increasing by the day.New machines which require unique parts, specifically made to suit that purpose are in high demand.

The measurement and dimensions of these machine parts are not always congruent with standard values and hence they need to be made separately for the specific purpose.
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There are also situations where the same machine part required by two different clients vary in size and dimension owing to the difference in the size of the machines that they use.

In order to create such custom machined parts that have unique shapes and dimensions, cutting procedures are required, that can perfectly create the custom part while satisfying the desired measurements.One such technique for cutting metal and shaping it into the desired machine part or sheet is CNC laser cutting technology.

Different types of metals starting from aluminum to steel are all cut into the exact desired shapes with the use of this innovative technique.

Artmachining CNC Cutting Serivces

We based in China are well equipped to handle the demands for Custom metal laser cutting services owing to our state of the art infrastructure and many years of experience in this field. The field of laser cutting services is however full of diverse services that are unique to unique needs.

Being a customer of this business it is your right and need to be well aware of these services so that you can make the most educated choice for yourself and seek our help at T-artisan to take care of your sheet metal laser cutting needs.

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What is CNC laser cutting?

Custom Laser cutting is a form of cutting industrial sheets of metal in the desired shape with the help of a high density beam of light that is also attached to a CNC module. It is the high density beam of laser which is directed at the metal that is to be cut and either the laser beam or the work piece is operated by the Computer Numerical Control or the CNC so as to achieve the pre-programmed and desired shape.

The help of optics that focuses electrical energy to take the shape of a high powered beam of laser is taken in order to achieve the desired result. The processed metal is then brought to its desired shape by the process of burning, melting, vaporization or blowing away with the help of jets of nitrogen or oxygen.

Bending and Folding

Laser cutters are capable of cutting a sheet of metal like laser cut stainless steel,laser cut aluminum in the desired shape. However, at times the desired finish of the sheet of metal is not satisfied by just getting it cut. A lot of machines and machine parts require sheet metal to be bended in different shapes so as to satisfy the desired application that the client wants.
Bending and folding of sheet metal is a very common practice and even one of the vital steps in the manufacturing industry. When a sheet of metal is bended or folded, what basically happens is that an external force is applied in order to bend or fold the sheet of metal over a particular axis, creating the desired change in the geometry of the metal sheet.
The volume of the entire sheet of metal remains as it was, however the shape of the sheet changes as desired. The thickness of the metal sheet is more or less unaffected by bending or folding, barring some exceptional cases. Added stiffness and strength is imparted to the sheet of metal owing to the processes of bending and folding.
Bending and folding of a metal sheet is sometimes an intrinsic part of the entire laser cutting procedure as a whole and go hand in hand to provide the desired effect to the client. Both of these processes are part of the inclusive sheet metal fabrication process.

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal is the raw form of the metal that is usually worked on to give rise to the desired custom machine parts. These raw stocks of metal are generally available in thicknesses of 0.006” to 0.25”. The process of fabrication actually includes collection of different processes that are done one after the other in order to transform the raw stock of metal into the finished end product that is sold in the market. These different machining processes include cutting, bending and assembling the sheet of metal and they also require finishing before they can be commercially launched in the market.
As has been mentioned, there are three main stages that are involved with the fabrication of sheet metal. These three stages have been summarized below:

Removal of material

The first process involves the removal of extra material from the original stock of metal. This desired shape is obtained by the process of cutting which removes the unwanted metal from the original sheet.

Deforming the material

The second stage involves the deformation of the material into the desired 3D shape with the help of different tools and machining practices for bending and forming of metal sheets.


The third stage involves the assembly of all the component parts of the machine part, which might be formed by the assemblage of many different processed pieces.


The fourth and an extra stage to the entire process is the process of finishing, which needs to be done before selling the custom machine part commercially so as to make the final product look absolutely perfect.

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Benefits of Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal laser cutting need the help of a high powered beam of laser. There are many benefits that this technique has over the traditional methods of cutting mechanically. The benefits of this technique include:

As has been mentioned, there are three main stages that are involved with the fabrication of sheet metal. These three stages have been summarized below:
Quick turnaround time-Producing quicker results is possible with the help of laser cutting.
Decreased levels of contamination-Contamination levels of the work piece is highly reduced by applying laser cutting techniques, and warping chances are also astronomically reduced.

Clean cuts-The cuts that are produced by cutting sheet metal with the use of laser cutting is very clean, making them perfect for suitable end products for the market.

Durable products-Laser cutting is a technique that is capable of producing highly durable end products and efficient prototypes.

Low chances of operator error-The chances of operator error are very little with this type of cutting and hence they are ideal for the quick production of functional prototypes.

Applications of Laser Cutting

Some of the applications of laser cutting are as follows:


Device panels can be fabricated in a cost effective manner with the use of laser cutting techniques. Other things that can be made in a similar low cost manner include creation of L and U shape, cases, boxes, rack mounts, consolets and consoles.


Laser cutting is the perfect technique for the brackets along with the inclusion of necessary fasteners and hardeners in them. These purposes might be for the high corrosion resistance abilities or lightweight properties of these brackets.


The creation of chassis ranging from small devices which are handheld to large consoles is with the help of laser cutting. Alignment of holes so as to correspond with different parts of the machine is also possible with the custom abilities of laser cutting

Front Panels

Front panels are sheets of metal that have been cut in a desired shape to provide as the primary shield of protection from the electromechanical component that is on the other side of it. Different studs, fasteners, tags for earth, legends engraved to denote controls etc. are also included in the complete and finished front panel. The use of front panels is popular in industrial environments of both light and heavy operations and it is required to sometimes meet certain safety guidelines from defense departments of the government or meet specifications from the aerospace department of the country.
T-artisan is a company that has a vast experience in producing quality and approved front panels that are capable of surviving any environment while providing resistance to different corrosive elements like chemicals, weather or temperature. State of the art technology and precise insight of our company is resultant in the creation of front panels that can pass any regulatory body’s standards.

If you are looking for CNC aluminum laser cutting services that will help you achieve your desired custom machine part, wait no more and contact us at artmachining. Take the advantage of a competent infrastructure and credibility of experience so as to get yourself the perfect machining parts that are designed to perfection just for you.