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Here at artmachining, we offer all of the die casting services that you need. Our services include designing for manufacturability, die casting tooling manufacturing, high pressure die casting, CNC machining, and surface finishing.

Not only will we make parts for you, but we will become a trusted member of your engineering team. You can be confident that our work will provide high-quality results throughout the complete die casting process.
aluminum die casting china
Design for Manufacturing Die Casting
We also provide our customers with free design for manufacturing services, as part of our commitment to the overall quality of your projects. Work with us with confidence knowing that we will work hard to produce your parts in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Design for Manufacturing

There are multiple ways to ensure that parts are manufactured as efficiently as possible. Design for manufacturing is an important step in the die casting process because even the slightest changes can affect the overall cost and performance regarding the project.

Our effective design for manufacturing practices at artmachining will ensure that your parts do not require expensive secondary operations, which can represent a large amount of a project’s overall cost. This is why we always put adequate time into a great design for your project.

Die Casting Tooling

At artmachining, we do our die casting tooling, molds, and tooling production in house. Controlling the tool design and fabrication process of your project is just one of the ways that we can offer you a final product that is of the highest quality.
Our process starts with developing an initial design. So don’t worry, you can come to us with some samples and our team of in house experts can work on making a design for you.
Our team of experts will use their creativity and extensive experience to come up with the best and most efficient ideas for your project. So not only will your final product be completely functional, but additionally it will operate efficiently.
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High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is a process that consists of injecting molten metal into a mold, or tool. The molten metal then solidifies rapidly into a metal part, which is then extracted from the mold.
During high-pressure die casting, liquid metal is injected into the metal mold at a high speed and high pressure. There is a hot chamber process, which is used for materials such as zinc, as well as a cold chamber process.
Higher pressure die casting has a wider application, so it is the method that covers the majority of die casting jobs. It allows for the metal to be produced with more detailed features when it is in the molding process.

Aluminum Die Casting

At artmachining, we can deliver on your aluminum die casting needs at a reasonable cost. We deliver premium quality aluminum castings that make our services competitive and perfect for your next project.
Our aluminum die casting services are guaranteed to give you premium quality at an affordable rate. We are able to do this by utilizing a decreased lead and cycle time that produces a success on the first piece.

Zinc Die Casting

We are experts at zinc die casting, and we can say with confidence that we will handle all aspects of your project from start to finish.
We specialize in zinc die casting parts, and we can produce the highest quality parts with even the most detailed design specifications.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is a process in which programmed computer software controls the movement of factory tools. These tools are used to perform different cutting tasks to produce a final product out of metal parts.

Here in artmachining, we have the proper CNC machining technology to meet even the most challenging needs of your project. Thanks to our high-quality CNC machining infrastructure, we are able to cut down on costs, work more efficiently, and provide you with a better rate

cnc die casting

Often after the process of high-pressure die casting, parts need secondary machining. We are able to offer this to our customers in-house. We can provide you with affordable pricing, high quality, and prompt service time.

Surface Finishing

At artmachining, we offer full surface finishing services as a part of our die casting. One of the major advantages of die casting is surface finishing is excellent. Proper surface treatment can improve the look of parts and help them resist corrosion.

For this reason, we have noticed that more and more people are paying attention to surface finishing. You can rest assured working with us, knowing that we have extensive experience with surface treatment on metal parts.

Die casting Quality control

In die casting, quality control is of utmost importance and consists of an extensive process. Due to the nature of die casting itself, there are various issues that individual parts can be prone to. These issues can be avoided through rigorous quality control measures.
All of our parts are tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Our state of the art tools and practices will guarantee that the final parts will be free of any issues or imperfections.
We pride our business on the highest standards of quality control. Our quality control practices at artmachining are at the center of our die casting services, and our whole team will be working with this standard of quality control to provide you with the best parts.

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we do a lot more than just creating parts. When you work with us on any of your projects, we will become a part of your engineering team. From designing, tooling, finishing, and machining, we will deliver on the highest of quality standards for every job.
You can work with us with confidence, knowing that you will get results consistently with our die casting services. We will take you through the process from start to finish.
We offer our services at an affordable rate, but we don’t sacrifice quality to do so. Our rigorous quality control standards will guarantee an excellent final product every time.
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